Body Transformation Plans are now available to buy in the app. Our experts in nutrition and fitness will guide you to achieve your goals, giving you the focus and motivation to get the result you've always wanted. Designed with flexibility to complete at home or in the gym, and you choose when to train. 

What’s included in the plan:

·         Fat-burning and muscle-toning workouts designed by industry experts.

·         Flexible workouts that can be done in the gym or at home – with equipment or without. You’re in control.

·         Nutritional advice from our expert Barbara Cox, including healthy recipes, snack ideas and tips.

Plus the plans are designed to be flexible with your lifestyle: schedule your training whenever is convenient for you.

Transform your body today.

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Our experts

Barbara Cox – Expert Nutritionist

Growing up in Canada, Barbara was a successful junior skating champion however this is when she first experienced the energy dips, the light-headedness and the lethargy that people experience when they miss out on a good night's sleep and consume a diet of fast food and fizzy drinks.

In 1993, venturing east to teach English in Japan, Barbara embraced the culture and food and was amazed at how energised she felt eating the Japanese way. The food was light and tasty, with small portions of protein - particularly fish - and a wide variety of vegetables. Barbara was struck by the vibrancy of the population, especially the longevity and energy of the elderly and the physical fitness of younger people. Keen to explore the link between the Japanese diet and the nation's comparatively low levels of obesity, cancer, heart disease and diabetes, she embarked on a distance-learning degree, specialising in nutrition.

Back in the UK in 2004 Barbara founded Nutrichef - a healthy meal delivery company providing Japanese health benefits, but in meals that appealed to western tastes. She ran Nutrichef for 11 years, growing it from a local enterprise to a national operation catering to over a hundred clients a day throughout the UK.

Now founder of a successful company, Barbara enjoyed being asked to give talks to large companies, meeting celebrity clients and was honoured to be awarded the national title of Entrepreneur of the Year in 2008 by the British Chambers of Commerce. But, what means most to her is making such a positive difference to people's lives - the overweight clients whose weight loss gave them renewed confidence and happiness; those suffering from illness, whose energy levels returned and symptoms disappeared; the company owners and employees with increased vitality and mental sharpness; and the sportsmen and women with new-found stamina.

Barbara launched her first book, Rainbow Recipes, which is based on Chris Woollams’ hugely popular The Rainbow Diet – providing recipes and ideas to live longer and stay healthy. All of the nutrition advice and recipes you’ll find in our Body Transformation Plan are based around the Rainbow Recipe book. The Body Transformation Plan is available to purchase now in the CustomFit app.

Shelley Beer - CustomFit Master Trainer

Shelley is a qualified Sports Scientist and Personal Trainer with experience in helping people to reach their fitness & health goals.

Shelley’s interest in fitness started at a young age with dance, where she competed at the highest level nationally and internationally. After her studies Shelley quickly realised her passion for fitness wasn’t just an occupation. From scaling Table Mountain to teaching boot camps on Bondi Beach, fitness became part of everything she did. Shelley experienced the power fitness has and the places it can take you - both physically and mentally. Coming back from her travels, Shelley continued her Personal Training whilst teaching the next generation of fitness students at Bournemouth University, whilst Personal Training hundreds of clients herself,  transforming their fitness and achieving incredible results.

Shelley’s fitness philosophy is to make fitness effective and fun while designing workouts and plans that are flexible around peoples busy lifestyles. Shelley believes that continuous motivation is developed through educating clients in fitness and celebrating their successes.     

 In October 2013 Shelley became a mum so has first hand experience in what takes to juggle a successful career and parenthood. Shelley keeps herself in shape by training six times a week in a combination of training styles including yoga, running and CrossFit and Functional Fitness.